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Four Champions in Consecutive Four Years, JAC Rally Team Becomes the King of CRC 2017-07-17

Through three days contest, CRC Zhangye station competition was finally closed curtain. And JAC rally team was successfully taken the champion of S2 team.

Sand and stones flying, JAC rally racing team played the fast and the furious in CRC Zhangye station.

The decisive battle of CRC Zhangye station is in 36.81 kilometers Hongwan section and 20.09 kilometers Danxia section; and the special racing tack is 113.8 kilometers which covered sand and stones with high, medium and low speed turning. It's difficult and rigorous work.

In July, day and night temperature difference is great in the Gobi Desert. In the morning of 7 o'clock, the temperature is only 10 degrees. Toward the sun, JAC racing team has already set off.

At noon, the temperature suddenly soars to 40 degrees. Facing the longest racing track of this match-hangnail, there are many high speed turnings and few reference objects in the Gobi Desert, which is a hard test to racing car's durability and stability as well as to the willpower of racing drivers. We can say that everyone is hero as long as you can finish this match.

Danxia section is short and changeful. By virtue of its good operation, smart driving and quickly speeding up, JAC S2 successfully conquered the championship.

In the future, S2 will face more challenges and difficulties, but we believe the power of S2. Let's look forward to S2 more excellent performance.