Up by 580% 728 Units of JAC Frison Pick-up were Exported in Total 2017-05-22

From January to April, JAC has exported Frison pick-up accumulatively 1044 units, among which, 728 have been exported during the first quarter with the market share of 12.8%, emerging as the third position in the industry, up by 580%, creating a new historic height.

During the recent years, the exports of China pick-up declined substantially, and the exporting scale dropped from 76,000 units in 2012 to 18,000 units in 2016, while JAC pick-up rose against the tendency and demonstrated remarkable performance.

In 2015, JAC Frison Pick-up were launched into the market and realized more than 100 units presale; in 2016, JAC pick-up 4DA1 diesel two drive and 2.0 VVT gasoline two drive have been exported more than 1000 units,, and furthermore, in 2017, JAC Frison pick-up had a good start and made a breakthrough of more than 1000 units during the first four months. As the release of 2.0CTI diesel two drives and 2.0T+ gasoline four drives, it is predicted that JAC will have better performance in the last half year.

By the end of April, JAC second generation pick-up has entered 42 overseas markets, among which 15 markets have realized mass exports. Since launched into Chile in May, 2016, during the half year, JAC Frison Pick-up has won No.1 position in the sales of gasoline pick-up market with the market share of 30%;venezuela market has received big orders from the government, Paraguay,Uruguay,Ecuador and other markets have made breakthrough of more than 100 units.